January Fine Motor Activity

Looking for a quick and easy to way to keep your little busy?

You are going to LOVE this Fine Motor Activity! Not only does it focus on fine motor skills, but it helps with letter recognition or name recognition depending where your child is!

All you need is:

  1. Construction Paper (preferably blue to keep it wintery)
  2. Marshmallows (any size that you have on hand)  or any other items you can glue to paper like Pom-poms
  3.  A marker
  4. Glue

Momma (or Daddy) Prep

  1. On the construction paper use the marker to write either your child’s first letter in their name, initials, or their entire name depending on the ability! (We wrote GG which is her nickname)

Activity Directions:

  1. Allow your little to squeeze the glue onto the marker. (My daughter was able to follow her two letters I had to just help squeeze the glue out a little)
  2. Place marshmallows on top – tracing their name or initials.

We enjoyed this activity so much we wanted more. Once her nickname was completed we picked a shape and completed the same process.







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