The art supplies we can’t live without

Do you do a little happy dance when you want to make something for dinner and you realize you already have all the ingredients you need for the recipe?

That’s exactly what I do when I know I have all of the supplies I need for my “crazy” ideas! Its kind of like stocking up for a big storm, you never know when they’re going to hit. We must ALWAYS be prepared to pull something out of our you know what … I mean closet to keep them busy for more than 30 seconds!

Don’t start to panic — it’s not THAT much stuff.

I store everything in a cabinet (that can’t be reached by little fingers) in my kitchen for most of the supplies. I  make sure not to have an accessive amount of supplies, just the right amount, and I stock up as needed.

Here is everything I TRY to have on hand so that I can easily and effectively entertain little brains when I need to get stuff done.

Supply Storage

  • 18 quart Latch Box – I have 4 of these. This is where I store small items like stickers, glue, markers, etc.
  • Paper size Latch Box – I have 4 of these. This is where I store loose paper, coloring books, and other things of that nature.

(There are so many ways to store your goods – it really depends on your space! I also like these storage drawers, but my daughter legit gets into everything so drawers on the ground are a NO GO for us)

Large Items

  • Outdoor/ Indoor Plexiglass Easel – TOTAL must have. There is so much you can do with this easel it’s insane. If you plan on using this inside I’d suggest something like this to put underneath.

Art + Craft Supplies

Supplies you’ll find in the Kitchen

Sensory Supplies

WHOA! That was more then I thought and I most likely forgot to list some stuff so correcting might have to be made.

I have to admit I don’t always have all of these things on hand. Some of these items are sort of like “luxury” items and we might have them sometimes like gems, water beads, and con-tact paper.

Now that you have my list of MUST haves …here is a task for you!

Homework for the inspired Momma (or dadda):

  1. Pick a location in your home and dedicate that space to your activity supplies. (Not easily accessible by children)
  2. Decide what type of storage containers or drawers you want to use – think functional!
  3. Buy the containers you need and start filling them up with supplies you already have!
  4. TRY TO STAY ORGANIZED! Label your storage containers or drawers if you can!

If you need help, ideas, or suggestions don’t hesitate to reach out — I LOVE this stuff and I’d love to help you get started!




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